cctv camera installationCctv Camera installation is one of our area of specializationj, we offer high unique and a professional installations for all our customers, our package gives you remote access to your installed cameras from your mobile phones on the go, so for any security camera installation, contact trewbless who is the DVR/CCTV guru master for the job, We are well known and recognized to a very great extent, when it comes to DVR/CCTV installation. We have a proving and so much experience in most latest and modern CCTV/DVR installation,  and has testimonies as regard to CCTV cameras installation, and not just having  only knowledge of installation but also capable of  DVR configure for remote viewing, over the internet.
We specialized in both Analog and Digital cameras installations as well as NVR and IP cameras.
With your DVR configured ,you can view your home or office from anywhere in the world over  the internet or 3G enabled device.


Daniel Okosun

trewbless specialized in dvr cloud enabling for remote viewing over the internet or 3g enabled device, telecoms installations, satellite dish installations, cctv installations, general electrical installations, website design, training and general maintanance.
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