DVR CONFIGURATION FOR REMOTE VIEWING DVR CONFIGURATION FOR REMOTE VIEWING:- DVR configuration for remote viewing over the internet is what you need in this Age and times as a result of insecurity and mayhem in the country. Get it installed and configure it in your Ipad or 3G enabled device, which enable you watch over your home offices etc. We install both IP and Analog cameras, DVR/NVR of all kinds and configure it for remote assess, we equally install Cctv cameras on highway, civic centers, schools, hospitals, recreation centers, hotels, offices, and homes. when proper installation is done, you take control, and be in charge over your business, your home and in your offices, based on the fact that you can be in anywhere, and see what is happening in your home while you are away from home, or while you are at and you want to find out or know what’s happening in your office, we can install CCTV cameras in your home or in your office and enable it for remote viewing over the internet, and once it is , you go ahead watch all activities going on either in your home or offices provided you have 3G enabled device


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